Finance made simple

Project scope

I was approached by James Jones of 'Robinsons of Bawtry' (a high end clothing store based in Doncaster, UK) to develop a finance app that would give buyers the opportunity to purchase items up to £2000 and spread the cost over so many months, with 0% interest.

Skills used

Brand Design
UI/App Design
Website Design

AppToPay Image 1

Treat yourself

The main aim for AppToPay was to create an app that enabled users to spread the cost of their purchases at certain retailers. Included in the brief, was to create the main sales website and start-up brand.

AppToPay Image 2

The first step was to look at the existing logo and create a new brand that would instantly attract customers in retail stores. The primary aspect of the brand was to work digitally (social media and advertising) which would then drive users to download the app and start spending!

The usability of the app is to create a safe space for users to spend credit without the hassle of ridiculous interest/credit fees. Flexibility, capped spending limits and 0% interest creates a stress-free experience and a manageable financial situation for any user. Illustrated characters were created to give a fun, but informative feel.

AppToPay Image 3
AppToPay Image 3

UI & design

The app itself is brought to life by a friendly colour palette, with clean, bold text and a great UI/UX experience that encourages the user to want to use the app worry-free. Because of the legalities and eligibility of financial apps and websites, I had to take extra care to make sure the app passed these limitations.

AppToPay Image 5
AppToPay Image 5

Further branding

Following the structure of the app design, the brand was developed further to make sure all financial aspects and key messages were incorporated. You can see some of the collateral and digital media I developed in accordance with the app styling.

AppToPay Image 7

Website design

The website was created mainly as a landing page, a space for the key points of AppToPay and download links to live. Branding elements were used to create the design of the website, however, we kept this rather simple, as the main priority is the app. Find out for yourself

AppToPay Image 8
AppToPay Image 8

Finance made simple

Project outcome

The overall outcome of the AppToPay website, brand and app has been met with positive reviews from around the UK, including excellent ratings on TrustPilot. The company continues to grow and has recently been acquired by a big UK corporate company.

Dom Talbot - Lead Developer - AppToPay

“We collaborated on AppToPay across various projects. Matt created a strong, clear and concise brand guide which he then utilised to improve every one of the platform interfaces systematically. Thanks to Matt everything is now consistent and lovely aesthetically”


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