A little bit about me

Hard work really does pay off

I've always seen myself as a bit of a creative person at heart and every day-to-day life. I've worked hard to better myself each year by setting creative goals and challenges to overcome. I've gone from working a few hours design a week at home whilst working behind a bar... to gaining experience over the years at Art college and beyond.

Today, I have my own office and work for myself as a creative wizard! I love what I do and can't wait to see what the future of design holds! (not many people can say that lol)

Family & friends

I'm a big family man, I pride myself on bringing up my 2 beautiful little humans the best way I possibly can. Teaching them life itself and also learning some new things as a parent along the way. My partner, Boo, has been amazing over the years, being there for me when I need some advice or direction and just genuinely being an amazing human being! Obviously I can't forget my large group of family and friends, they made me who I am today! I'm a lucky man!


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How I work

I like to keep in regular communication from start to finish. Along with key project management and skill utilisation from myself; this is the perfect combination for a great project!

Matt Batt - Made UK

“I've worked closely with Matt for a few years now, collaborating on various projects. He's a great creative and innovative designer! We've had some tricky clients together, but Matt has always made sure we've hit those tricky deadlines!”

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