Sport for Charity

Web Design

Bringing a sports brand to life

I worked closely with Sports Media Agency whilst at my previous role as a designer with an agency called Damage. We were hired to breathe life into their existing and outdated brand. However, they wanted to keep the existing logo, yet use the vibrancy of the colour palette and create new branding elements that would work for their team and the public.

The idea was to get across their 3 brands; Sports, Cycle and Run….For Charity. The branding had to be consistent and follow suite across all 3 platforms as well as being versatile and striking.

Modern swoosh elements and patterns were used as textures to make the content and logo itself stand out. Bold custom type treatment and strong image treatment was the best way forward throughout their social marketing and online presence. This was also the direction for their physical presence.

Get on your bike!

Clever and catchy slogans were created to show off their stationary & clothing; an addition to the branding that works really well and gained a lot of people’s attention.

A powerful brand

Overall, the rebrand of Sports For Charity was a successful one. We received praise from the company director and staff on how the brand was brought to life and how they could work with a powerful look for their beloved company.